Installing an electric vehicle charger in your home is an easy way to become a part of the green energy revolution. Charging your vehicle home means you don’t have to rely on gas stations or other public charging stations. Beyond what it can do for the environment, installing an EV charger for your car can also save you money, especially if you are currently spending a lot of time and money at gas stations.

Impact of Covid-19 On EV Market

The EV marketplace, in the past few years, has been impacted by Covid 19. In particular, this is due to the increased range and efficiency of electric vehicles. EV ranges continue to increase as the price of battery technology decreases. Consequently, the demand for EV charging stations to support this growing market has increased over the last five years.

The Impact of Recession on EV Market Place

The recession has and will continue to impact the EV market because of the increased demand for EVs that has led to a greater need for charging stations. Still, Sego Builders will continue to thrive during these tough times by ensuring our homes get built intelligently. Increasing the intelligence in our homes will save money and thus provide the opportunity to invest in green technology like EV chargers. EVs do not burn gas and therefore do not require gas stations, which can reduce taxable income for the average city or county. Homeowners with an EV may be able to charge their vehicles at home, eliminating trips to gas stations, therefore avoiding these taxes.

Bottom Line

There is an undeniable need for charging stations related to EVs. The electricity from a residential home charger can provide power for an electric vehicle when it is most needed. Charging at home can save you time and money and be good for the environment. EVs can save people time and money because they don’t have to rely on gas stations and the cost of a home charging station is not high. For more information, feel free to contact us at 801-228-0907



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