What Are EVs and EV Charger Installation?

EVs are electrical-powered automobiles that use batteries as a source of power. Traditional cars have gasoline tanks for fueling the vehicle compared to EVs. Besides, EVs come with electric motors while most cars have internal burning engines. There are different models of EVs that include:
  • Battery EV (BEVs)
  • Plug-in EV (PHEVs)
  • Hybrid EV (HEVs)

EVs Are Less Costly Than Gas Cars

EVs run at a cheaper cost due to lack of various moving parts than gasoline cars. EVs also conserve the environment because these motor work with few fossil fuels or none at all. In the past, electric cars had nickel hydride or lead acid batteries as the source of power. But due to increased manufacturing experts, the standard batteries of EVs have lithium-ion. It is because these batteries keep more energy and have a self-discharge property. As a result, the modern batteries have improved the EV’s efficiency to a great performance. Electrical car installation involves establishing a charging station for residential or industrial use. The availability of a charge section at home and a business place is a necessity for EVs.

Sego Builders Is A Top Qmerit Partner

Sego Builders offers EV charging placing in homes. This EV partner has experts who understand how to install a Level 2 EV charger. The Level 2 installation uses 240 volts from the panel to the charging station. This type of connection offers homeowners a faster charging time for quicker return to EV driving. The installation of Level 2 is unique because it involves wiring a circuit breaker. If a person needs a quality charging station, then he/she should seek the services of an electrical expert. Level 3 charging stations are in most cases installed in a commercial settings. This model is also given the name DC Fast Chargers. Level 3 charge spots are expensive because they need special materials to install.  However, this connection is only relevant for commercial use and roadside charging points. Also, the DC Fast Charges offer EVs 80% electric voltage within 30 minutes. The major disadvantage of Level 3 chargers is that they are not compatible with all vehicles. An individual needs to be aware of which charger matches the EV before depending on all Level 3 stations.

Electric Cars Lifestyle Changes

Electric cars has changed the lifestyle of people from a traditional to a digital form of living. Individuals can now travel and have trips by recharging their electric automobiles. Thanks to Sego Builders and Qmerit, charging stations are now available for EV owners. If you need installation of an EV charger, Sego Builders has you covered.  If you have any questions or would like to setup a free consultation to have an EV station installed at your home or business, please contact us at 801-228-0907!

What Is A Certified Partner of Qmerit?

Qmerit is one of the leading brands that have embraced electric technology. The company is a bridge between the EV automakers and small businesses/consumers. Qmerit has experts who understand client satisfaction by offering quality EV services. For an organization to be a certified EV partner of Qmerit, excellence is a necessity. Besides, Qmerit focuses on electrical aid providers who give consumers high-standard installation solutions. Sego Builders have earned the certification acceptance to be an elite Qmerit partner.