With leading auto manufacturers unveiling their electric vehicles, the electricity demand is increasing. Consequently, there is a need for the growth of EV (electric vehicle) charging station infrastructure.  The push for electric vehicles will continue to increase in the coming years. Thus, EV charging station installation in commercial and residential properties is necessary.

Below is what you need to know about EV charging station installation.

1. What is an EV Charging Station?

The Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station is an infrastructure for charging electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids. Electric cars (EVs) use a battery charged at an EV charging station to power them. Our EV installation technicians can help install EV charging stations in your commercial property or home.

2. Types of EV Chargers

Before considering an electric vehicle charging station installation, you should know the level of charging it offers. There are three types of EV chargers depending on the amount of voltage and how fast they charge.

Level one chargers: You can plug the charger into a standard 120V electrical outlet without the EV installation technician’s help. The charger is slow in charging. While it is not ideal for public chargers, it is the most affordable for quick errands.

Level two chargers: Most home EV charger installations are typically level two. They are also common in public EV charging stations. The chargers offer 240V charging and charge twice as fast as level-one chargers. Some adjustments will have to be made in the electrification system of your home to install level two.

Level three chargers: Fastest chargers take less than an hour to charge. They are publicly owned and installed in commercial establishments along highways. The direct current (DC) chargers allow 480V charging.

3. Impact of COVID-19 and Recession on EV

The recession has negative consequences on economic growth. With lower incomes and reduced spending power, many will cut expenditures on optional items. While EV sales slowed down, the EV market will recover quickly. EVs consume less energy and are eco-friendly.

Similarly, COVID-19 affected the EV market. But early signs of EV market resilience were evident as restrictions eased out. The increase in fuel cost and demand for high-performance and low-emission vehicles saw growth in the EV market.

Consequently, despite the challenges, Sego builders continue to offer its customers affordable EV charging station installations. We have helped EV owners place charging stations in their homes. Many others are reaching out to us. We offer a free consultation before any commitment. Call us now! – 801-228-0907

Concluding Remarks

EVs are energy-efficient, high-performance vehicles that are eco-friendly. Therefore, electric vehicles represent the future of the auto industry.



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