If you’re the proud owner of a new electrical vehicle, you’ll need a reliable electrical vehicle charging station. This is because unlike traditional motor vehicles, electrical models run via battery instead of gasoline. Sego Builders is a leading provider of electrical vehicle charging station installation in Salt Lake, for both residential and commercial properties.

For home use, we install a Level 2 EV charger. This 240 volt charging station speeds up the charging process and makes owning your EV convenient and enjoyable. Because a Level 2 charge station requires the wiring in of a circuit breaker, this installation type can only be performed by a trained professional like those at Sego Builders.

For our commercial installations, we take things a step further with a Level 3 EV charging station. These are sometimes referred to as DC Fast Chargers. Though they’re not compatible with every model of electrical vehicle, their quick charging speeds of under an hour make them worthwhile to install in businesses and at roadside charging areas.

How COVID-19 Has Impacted the Electrical Vehicle Marketplace

Nearly every area of our lives has been affected by COVID-19. When it comes to the EV marketplace, both positive and negative effects have been seen. An initial sales drop-off was observed but as time goes on, we’re beginning to see a rebound and increase in demand, especially for larger models with improved performance.

A Smart Choice, Even in a Recession

The current global recession has far-reaching implications for nearly every marketplace, electrical vehicles included. Sego realizes this and has worked hard to keep prices reasonable, allowing us to not only stay afloat, but continue thriving in these challenging times. Ready to get started? Contact us for a free EV installation quote at (801) 309-5481 today!



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